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Armadyl Patch Notes 04/04/2021

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Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! and for those who don't celebrate, Happy holidays!

A series of bug patches, tweaks and small content updates.

  • Game Server:
    • Commands have been cleaned up and converted to Kotlin.
    • Custom Object spawns, object deletions┬áhave been updated and shortened significantly (Server and Client)
    • You are no longer notified that you've equipped a Ring of life when having the Max cape or Defence cape (any variants) equipped.
    • Motherlode mine now refreshes all veins on Server startup
    • Golden nuggets have been made untradeable and stackable.
    • Upper levels of Motherlode Mine & Bottom area have been declared, you must unlock the top level to access the top level, you will mine pay-dirt every 3 ticks rather than every 6.
    • Donator ranks have been revamped.
    • Motherlode mine variables now save to the playerfile.
    • You can now deposit pay-dirt into your Ore storage, due to incomplete mapdata/missing objects, the Bank deposit by the Bank chest has been updated into "Ore storage" you can inspect and claim all your ores/golden nuggets here.
    • The mining skill has a few QoL added with the addition of Motherlode mine
      • TO-DO Coal directly go into Coal bag (capped at 2,000 Coal)
    • A few more options have been added to how we choose randomly, by percentage and by die.
    • A major dupe have been identified in both the Duel Arena & Trading systems, and have been patched as of 3rd of April, 2021 8:59PM (BST).
  • Game client
    • Cache downloading has been updated significantly.
    • Changes to Item definitions for custom items have been extended.
    • The following have definitions had their Headers updated for OSRS Data types:
      • Floor
      • Item
      • Mob
      • Object
      • Model
    • A few experimental interfaces have been added!

And lastly an update about our up-coming Staff beta, as of 02/04/2021 22:47 (BST)

Our provider has had a problem with delivering our Windows license, and we won't be able to receive our license until Monday at the earliest, with no ETA of Delivery (Monday, earliest).

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