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New OSRS Data, Nightmare of Ashihama, Raids changes!

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I think it's safe to say that my time away has been very well for myself! since I returned and did a slew of updates (you can see them here) the next hurdle I struggled with was adding the latest OSRS Data to our Client, and well I can say it's been done and quite a bit of updates will be coming with it, whilst it's not perfect at the moment, these are the current issues we face with the OSRS Data:

  • Packing the new Item Definitions cause weird issues, even when the header has been updated correctly.
  • Some maps appear half missing/on different heights (still need to figure this out)

Other than that Models, Animations, Graphics & NPC's are all working fine!

So let's get started, shall we?



The Nightmare won't have the same mechanics as OSRS, however will be offering an equally as challenging fight! with three special attacks, and a ton of HP, MVP's have a 25% increased chance of receiving a rare loot, and only needing to deal 5% Damage to have a loot roll! MVP's will also receive two loot rolls (total).

But what about the unique loot? I'm glad you asked:

  • Base 1/512
    • Nightmare staff
  • Base 1/1,024
    • Inquisitor's mace
    • Inquisitor's greater helmet
    • Inquisitor's hauberk
    • Inquisitor's plateskirt
    • Eldritch orb
    • Harmonised orb
    • Volatile orb

Base numbers are based on if you're not a MVP, the numbers for MVP are as follows:

  • 1/512 -> 1/256 (due to the two rolls) -> 1/192 (25% Rare drop modifier)
  • 1/1,024 -> 1/512 (due to the two rolls) -> 1/384 (25% Rare drop modifier)

When reverting an Eldritch/Harmonised/Volatile nightmare staves, you will only receive the orb back, the combined are untradeable, however if you're unlucky enough to die in the Wilderness with one, the victor will receive the orb and 25,000,000 Coins.




Twisted Ancestral

Twisted ancestral is upgrade on the regular Ancestral, unlike OSRS Twisted ancestral won't be a cosmetic upgrade! Twisted ancestral has the same bonuses as Ancestral along with the Nex armour's Constitution boosting passive effect, allowing you to be at 1390 Constitution (or if you play with Hitpoints on 139 Hitpoints) inside of raids only, additionally Twisted ancestral offers the same defensive bonuses as Virtus, to upgrade your Ancestral to Twisted ancestral, requires a very rare drop of a Twisted ornament kit from the Chambers of Xeric!

Metamorphic dust

If you're lucky enough to claim yourself an Olmlet, the Metamorphic dust can be used on on the Olmlet to let you change him into any of the following (consumed upon use):

  • Tektiny
  • Vespina
  • Vanguard
  • Puppadile
  • Vasa Minirio

If pets aren't your thing, there's two other uses for Metamorphic dust! you can use your dust on any part of Olm, whether that's the left or right claw, or even his head! and skip the boss fight completely, adding all the points you would have received for a deathless fight to your points, however, doing this will be consumed upon use! and lastly, you can use the Metamorphic dust on a Turqoise slayer helmet, which currently offers all other Slayer helm passive effects, which ofcourse can are available on the Twisted slayer helmet in addition to this,

Patch notes:

  • Skillcape perk system has been written once again
  • All of Ava's cape slot items have been re-written and work as intended.
  • Dragon bolts are now fletchable
  • Item upgrade system has been updated and includes QoL such as attempt upgrades until success.
  • Generic combat script has been updated
  • Core combat has received some tweaks
  • Special attacks have been updated for around 15 weapons
    • Additionally a few small easter eggs have been implemented for the godswords!
  • Chaotics weapons now degrade after 2,000 uses (Dungeoneering cape can prevent this).
  • Chaotic shields now degrade after 4,000 hits (Dungeoneering cape can prevent this).
  • Dialogue system has received a slight tweak to allow dialogues to continue with special dialogues open (for tut purposes).
  • Old dragon warhammer has been updated with OSRS dragon warhammer, across the board.
  • Achievement system has been updated across all tiers to use the same system
    • Around 35 Achievements have been added so far!
  • Herblore has been updated with all relative information about 4 dose potions (Herblore cape effect)
  • Nightmare Combat script has been created.
  • Runecrafting has been written for the third (and hopefully last) time.
  • The shop system has been updated to support selling back items in special shops (select few, you'll be told which you can and can't by dialogue everytime the shop is open!)
  • Added a few safety features to Dialogue options
  • Warrior guild cyclops handling has been updated significantly.
  • Coloured slayer helm's now give passive effects as follows:
    • Black
      • Exceptional stats in magic, NPCs (on or off-task) are unable to freeze you.
    • Green
      • Exceptional stats in ranged, offers full dragonfire protection (on or off task, including PvP).
    • Red
      • Exceptional stats in melee, offers full protection against Venom & Poison (on or off task, including PvP).
    • Purple
      • Exceptional stats in Prayer, passively gives the Holy wrench effect.
    • Turqoise
      • All 20% Damage increase on Slayer task, 5% Damage increase to off-task creatures, (offers same Bonus as a Slayer helmet (i).) passive effects of Black, Green, Red & Purple slayer helmets (made by combining all 4 other helmets)
    • Twisted Slayer Helmet
      • All offering balanced stats across the board from the Black, Green, Red & Purple Slayer helmets, all passive effects (including Turqoise), in addition to this, your damage inside any raid will be increased by 15%.



As you can see the newly added Data is from Christmas 2020, however! this week will be updating to the current Oldschool RuneScape Data, and with this, I would like to add Tempoross the Fishing boss, this is something for both Ironman and Skillers, offering different rewards to OSRS & a completely new mechanic on killing it! this new boss will be completely fishing based, no cooking, no running around!


Thank you for reading!

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