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Armadyl updates - Quality of Life, small changes

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So firstly, may I please extend my greatest apologies for seemingly leaving you guys in the dark, I've been close for a while and recently took some time to myself and play games with a few friends over the last couple of weeks, fear not! as I'm fully motivated to putting all my time and effort back into Armadyl, so let's start with some QoL I shared in Discord last week!



If  for whatever reason unable to view the video, it has animated in-game crowns, item carousels for item boxes, chests & keys!


The following cape perks have been added:

  • All max capes can be used to passively have all other Skillcapes effects
    • Additionally the "teleport" option will act as Construction cape from the inventory.
    • When equipped can be operated for a super combat boost in all your stats every 5 Minutes.
  • Attack cape
    • Access Warrior's Guild without needing tokens.
  • Strength cape
    • Teleport to the Warrior's guild from up-to 30 Wilderness.
  • Defence cape
    • Act as a permanent Ring of Life when equipped (still need to add toggle) up-to 30 Wilderness.
  • Ranged cape
    • Acts as an Ava's assembler
  • Prayer cape
    • Restore prayer to 99 Three times a day (no cool down, not on Max cape)
  • Magic cape
    • Swap spell books as many times as you want a day (outside of Wilderness, not on Max cape)
    • Swap spell books 10 times a day (inside of Wilderness, not on Max cape)
    • 15% Chance to save runes when casting spells
  • RuneCrafting cape
    • Craft double runes (stacks with rune multiplier)
  • Construction cape
    • Unlimited teleports to POH up-to 30 Wilderness.
  • Dungeoneering cape
    • Chaotics will not degrade in combat
    • Chaotics will not break on death
  • Hitpoints
    • Restore hitpoints twice as fast.
  • Agility
    • Acts as full graceful
    • Restore run energy 5 times a day (not on Max cape)
    • Energy restores twice as fast
  • Herblore
    • Create 4 dose potions instead of 3 dose potions
  • Thieving
    • Cannot be caught whilst stealing from stalls, pickpocketing from NPCs.
  • Crafting
    • Dismantling Zulrah's items will give 2x the amount of scales.
  • Fletching
    • Adding tips to bolts will automatically make them enchanted.
  • Slayer
    • Assign your own Slayer tasks
  • Hunter
    • No longer able to fail a catch
  • Mining
    • 15% chance to mine double the resources
    • Mine 30% Faster
  • Smithing:
    • Coal is no longer required for smelting bars.
  • Fishing
    • 15% chance to fish double the fish.
    • Fish 30% Faster
  • Cooking
    • No longer able to burn food
  • Firemaking
    • Fires last 50% longer.
  • Woodcutting
    • 15% chance to cut double the resources
    • Cut 30% Faster
  • Farming
    • Harvest double the amount of your crop
    • Plants grow 30% Faster.
  • Summoning
    • Familiars last 50% longer.
    • Familiar special attack restores 25% faster.


Additionally we've gone ahead and decided to add a nice reward for those who want to max!


To clarify, those you get the 10$ Donor rank for free AND a 10$ Bond, along with a Donator mystery chest and key!


Finally the cause of the long break, OSRS Calculations have been added to combat!


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