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Achievement Changes, QoL & More!

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Hello and welcome to Armadyl's first ever Development blog!

Firstly, let me explain that almost all updates/content are not finalized to be added OR complete, so all work should be considered WIP (Work-In-Progress)


Proposed Achievement Changes

Last month saw an enormous re-work to the Achievement System in Armadyl, this time is no different, previously when completing an Achievement it bared no rewards, the counter on your Achievement would increment, wow ever so rewarding! so let's talk about Achievement changes shall we?

  • Completing an Achievement now rewards you with points, which can be exchanged for rewards (which can also be sold back, at the same price it was bought for!), Achievements now give the following points by difficulty:
    • Easy achievements - 1 Point
    • Medium achievements - 2 Points
    • Hard achievements - 3 Points
    • Elite achievements - 4 Points
  • Achievements can now give you Item rewards:
    • rzmKvn4.png
    • As you may be able to tell, Achievements can give you non item rewards alongside item rewards
  • You can collect your rewards at any time, it doesn't have to be immediately, and if you're really lazy we've even added a button next to the Close button to collect them all at once!

Activity Indicators

As we intended on introducing more activities around the game, we hope to make the game play in some skills, shops and activities a little bit more enjoyable, how do we plan on doing? Activity indicators! what on earth are they? A RuneLite feature! (Note, No the Bankers won't really have the bank icon above them when it's done, just proof of concept for NPC's of all sizes)





Tertiary Drops

Doing Slayer or Bossing should feel rewarding, even if you're going dry for an item, so in order to counter act that, I'd like to discuss, Currency Packs, Secondaries, Reward Boxes & Chests & Chests... again?

I guess before we go further, I should explain what Tertiary drops are, for those who don't know, they items that obtained through specific monsters, this could be due to the Monster's meeting certain criteria, or unique to their species.

  • Currency Packs these can be found by killing any monster in the Wilderness or on a Slayer task! (and of course some non combat activities!), Currency packs come in two forms:
    •  Currency bags will reward you up-to 3 Random currencies.
    • Currency sacks can give up-to 5-10x more than that of a Currency bag!
  • Secondaries, now this is a little bit fascinating because it includes some global changes to NPC Drops across the whole game, and a little bit extra, so we'll start with the global changes:
    • All herblore supplies, whether that's secondary drops for Herblore or the Herb themselves will be noted, this change comes to be a QOL in the long run, and we have the aforementioned Skilling task scrolls (in a previous Update thread) to thank for that (in theory, there should be more herbs going out the game, then coming in!)
    • Logs will be dropped noted
    • Gems will be dropped noted
    • Bars will be dropped noted
    • Ores will be dropped noted
    • Raw fish will be dropped noted
  • Reward boxes & Chests this comes back to the point that you should always be rewarded, even if you go dry on an item, so with that said, here's some information you may need to know:
    • Boxes that can be dropped will have 3 tiers, there are multiple factors that go into whether an NPC has a chance to drop you a reward box, but we won't be giving that information out, what you need to know is the base drop rates, not the additional maths on top, as it will cap out!
      • Regular
        • Regular boxes will always in "box" (5 - 7 2 rewards if you're lucky) (Rare) (1/512)
      • Ultimate will always end with "ultimate chest", example "Skilling ultimate chest" (6 Rolls, increased chance at Rare rewards) (Super Rare) (1/1024)
      • Grand will always end with "grand chest" example: "Skilling grand chest" (Chest, 7-12 Rolls, increased chance at Rare rewards) (Very rare) (1/5,000)
    • In addition to this, special keys can be used on specific type of chests, to give additional rewards and better chance of rare items!
    • Variants of boxes
      • Skilling
      • Point
      • Cosmetic
      • Treasure
    • And there will be a special reward, but you'll have to figure out what to do with that to make it work!
  • Chests... again?
    • All the chests around the game will have a rewarding table and be tradeable, yes including larran's and brimstone! there's no reason why your efforts should go to waste if you don't need anything from the chests, can always make a nice bit of profit, similarly to the boxes, there will be two types of keys:
      • Regular (Normal loot)
      • <Some abreviation> key, I.E Hardened crystal key! (3x the loot)
    • Current chests ingame:
      • Elven crystal chest (Spawns randomly every 6 Hours)
      • Crystal chest (Home)
      • Brimstone chest
      • Burnt chest (Lava maze)
      • Deadman chest (Better than deep wild Larran's chest, uses Larran's keys, spawns every 9 hours)
      • Larran's big chest
      • Larran's small chest
  • With all this said and done, Skillers and PK'ers will be finding themselves being blessed with boxes, chests & chest keys during their activities too, whether that's a key half from cutting a tree, or receiving a Grand PvP Chest when slaying their oppenent!
    • PvP:
      • Ancient warrior
      • Blood
      • Cursed
      • Point
      • Treasure
    • Skillers:
      • Skilling
      • Point
      • Supply
      • Kitted

World Bosses

World bosses are an idea that we've been considering for a while, they're a beefed up version of regular bosses that can be found around the game, comparable to Superior slayer monsters, except for bosses, these bosses will need an entire team (the Server) to come and help, dropping various amounts of wealth, but taking many players lives at the same time!

Picture yourself, slaying multiple Zulrahs (those poor danger noodles) for a giant, enranged form to attack a remote place of the game, requiring the aid of other players to take her down! this would be applicable to a bunch of bosses, but you'll see that when it's here!


Thank you for reading, please leave any feedback in our Official Discord Server!

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