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Auction House, Engine changes, Instance updates & More!

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This weeks changes have been very minimal for what you'll see on the Server, but very big for the Game Engines functionality!

So let's start off with the Auction house!




  • Can put your items up for Auction or Sale only.
  • Your items can be put up for these amounts of times:
    • 1 Hour
    • 8 Hours
    • 24 Hours
    • 1 Week
    • 2 Weeks
  • when putting an item up for bid, you must set a bid price, in which an automatic buy price will be listed, however, you can edit the auto-buy price before putting up the sale for auction, the item will be sold to the highest bidder, or whoever auto-buys the item! if you've lost out on a bid, have no fear, your gold will be returned to your coffer (yes even if you're offline)!
  • The item search has been updated to include Custom & OSRS items, previously it would only load their 667 counterparts.
  • You can cancel an auction, unless someone has placed a bid or the item has been purchased.


Client changes

The Client has had it's custom packets updated, the Item search has been re-written to include custom and OSRS, how we handle Interfaces has been much more improved over my last iteration of it (was really a sloppy attempt on my part), various missing sprites have been updated, and a few fixes to EXP Drops, XP Orbs, Setting XP Goals, and other small tweaks have been made, in addition to this a "Previous teleport" has been added to the Teleports button!


Engine changes

The re-written packets from the client have also been updated on the server, the following definitions have been updated to be handled by MySQL with a fall-back to JSON if anything was to go wrong:

  • NPC Definitions
  • NPC Spawns
  • NPC Drops
  • Item Definitions
  • Item Spawns
  • Shops


Unfortunately there is no content changes aside from the Auction House as my priorities at the moment is making the server a lot more stable, in the next few days I'll be working on streamlining content and reviewing content that might need to be temporarily removed whilst it gets attention to detail.

There are still some WIP Content, such as:

  • Skilling task bottles
  • Re-writing Construction to support OSRS Data
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