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Welcome to Armadyl!

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Hello and welcome to Armadyl!


What is Armadyl?

Armadyl is a RuneScape Private Server hoping to bring back what's been lost over the years, hoping to remove the hope for over the top customs, pay-to-win aspects and bring back private servers to what they used to be, fun.

We aim to produce content that for all players to enjoy, whether that's PvP, PvM, Skilling or Distractions & Diversions, we hope to deliver content for everyone, and release nothing short to perfection.


With that said, let's talk about some of the recent updates/changes Armadyl has received in the last month:

Server changes

  • Personal Slayer Dungeons
    • Personal Slayer dungeons are an instanced Slayer dungeon, allowing you to fight your slayer task in peace, providing that you've obtained that monster's soul either on Slayer task or purchased from the Slayer point shop!
    • spacer.png
  • Loot collector
    • spacer.png
      • We understand that there is some tedious and annoying Slayer tasks, some that are long that you just want to AFK for, so we've recently added a loot collector that works in the following locations:
        • Slayer tower
        • Ancient cavern
        • Personal Slayer Dungeon
    • To prevent any annoyances with the Bonecrusher or Charming imp, bones and charms will not be collected.
    • spacer.png
  • Three Discord bots
    • Public bot
      • The Public bot also known as "Armadyl bot" on our Discord server (which you can join here), offers a variety of support for our players, it can:
        • Lock your account if it's been hacked.
        • Kick your account if you're unable to log it out, or login.
        • Notify you of items sold in your Player owned Shop.
        • Notify if your support ticket has been responded to
        • Open support tickets
        • Check ban/mute length, type and reason.
        • Unban/Unmute should the server fail to after expiration.
    • Staff bot
      • Nothing interesting happens (sensitive commands, blah blah blah), all you guys need to know is even when I'm on the go, I can still manage and maintain the server!
    • Log bot
      • This bot has dual uses for both the Staff Discord Server and the Public discord server, server wide broadcasts will be posted to our public discord (Drops, World Events, Achievements, etc etc), aswell as reporting to our staff server any errors, trade logs, etc etc.
  • New home:
    • spacer.png
    • No longer a ton of NPC's used for shops, these counters will help you get what you need!
      • spacer.png
    • Player ownerd shops found straight in the Edgeville bank
      • spacer.png
  • Battle pass system:
    • Who doesn't love free stuff?
      • The battlepass system offers up to 24 Rewards, offering rewards for everyone from level 1 to 24, with any Donator tier getting extra rewards for each level!
      • Each action (this means, gathering skilling resources, making armour, getting a kill in PvM or completing a Slayer task, PvP getting a kill or a killstreak!, levelling up your skills will all grant you 10 experience, plus hundreds of other activities!)
  • The Achievement System got a much needed re-write, the system now allows for tasks to be added and removed without risk of nulling/deleting accounts, although you have probably seen this interface quit a few times, I look forward to purchasing some custom interfaces:
    • spacer.png
  • Skilling should be profitable so one of the first things I wanted to do was make it so they are, the following actions give you coins depending on what you're doing, the level requirement for what you're doing and your skill level:
    • Crafting:
      • Cutting Gems
      • Making Jewelry
      • Making battlestaves
      • Making leather/dragonleather equipment
    • Smithing
      • Smelting bars (also any bars that usually require more than 1 coal only require one coal)
      • Smithing armour
    • Fletching
      • Fletching logs
      • Fletching arrows
      • Stringing bows
    • Cooking
      • Cooking food, kind of self explainitory.
  • The following skills were re-written
    • Woodcutting
      • You can now AFK X amount of logs, X being on your Woodcutting level / 9
      • Trees no longer deplete.
    • Cooking
    • Crafting
      • Battlestaves 
      • Flax
      • Gems
      • Leather Data
    • Farming
      • Plants (Herbs, Vegetables and flowers)
      • Need to add trees and other patches.
    • Firemaking
    • Fishing
    • Fletching
      • Arrows
      • Bows
      • Stringing
    • Herblore
      • Cleaning
      • Special potions
      • Removed * 80 multiplier
    • Hunter
      • Implings
      • Other NPCs
    • Mining
      • You can now AFK X amount of ores, X being on your Mining level / 9
      • Rocks no longer deplete.
    • Prayer
    • RuneCrafting
    • Slayer
      • Konar Slayer Master added (Location based Slayer)
      • Kyrstilia Slayer Master added (Wilderness)
      • Instanced Slayer
      • Duo Slayer
      • Loot collector
    • Smithing
    • Equipment making
    • Smelting Experience rates are fully finished
    • Toolbelt has been added:
      • spacer.png
    • To do:
      • Need to update Fishing
      • Crafting and Herblore to not require primary items but require secondaries, example chisels, knifes, tinderboxs, just general QoL like pre-eoc)
      • Summoning (check Charming imp, etc etc) and thieving left.
  • Added experience modes:
    • Sir
      • 150 x Combat XP
      • 60 x Skilling xp
      • 2,500 Starter charges
      • Capped prestiging stats to 3
      • No drop rate bonus
    • Lord
      • 80 x Combat XP
      • 35 x Skilling xp
      • 2,500 Starter charges
      • Capped prestiging stats to 5
      • 1% Drop rate bonus
      • Timered potions last 5% longer!
    • Baron
      • 40 x Combat XP
      • 15 x Skilling xp
      • 2,500 Starter charges
      • Capped prestiging stats to 7
      • 2.5%
      • Faster special attack regeneration outside of Minigames & the Wilderness.
      • Timered potions last 12.5% longer!
    • King
      • 10 x Combat XP
      • 5 x Skilling xp
      • 2,500 Starter charges
      • Capped prestiging stats to 10
      • 5%
      • Faster special attack regeneration outside of Minigames & the Wilderness.
      • Slower prayer draining (everywhere)
      • Timered potions last 25% longer!
    • Examining items will let you see their bonuses:
      • spacer.png


Client Changes

  • Updated particle system:
    • spacer.png
    • This new system does not effect FPS as much as the old system did.
    • This new system prevents particles from appearing through your legs.
  • New Player Panel interface:
    • spacer.png
    • spacer.png
  • How custom Interfaces are loaded and handled have been changed dramatically and are now extended based off the Widget class.
    • Prayer tabs (regualr and curses) had some fixed applied to them.
    • Magic tabs (Ancient, Lunar and Modern) have been updated and made to be cleaner.
  • A slew of new OSRS Data has been updated.
  • RSA and ISAAC has been enabled.
  • Missing 667 Models have been repacked.
  • New Icons have been added to match the forums:
    • spacer.png - Owner
    • spacer.png - Developer
    • spacer.png - Administrator
    • spacer.png - Server Moderator
  • Discord rich presence added.


Website changes

  • Upgraded to retail IPB.
  • New theme/website based off of Titan's release of Vencillio and World 666 Theme (basically just that, with missing things added, all credits to him! Titan)
  • Players online added to the Website
  • New logo and shield icons created.

Thank's for taking the time to read all of this!


Some WIP Content (Work in Progress):

Task scrolls:

Task scrolls are basically Slayer tasks for skilling, with a twist:



As you can see our scroll requires Logs, we can either use 100 Noted logs on the scroll to claim our rewards instantly, or cut 100 Logs (even whilst the task is banked) to complete it, when completing a task you'll be given a variety of Skilling items along with some cash, however if you choose to manually complete the task yourself, you can keep all the resources for yourself, and earn some extra rewards!

Items that offer passive effects will tell you when they're in your Bank, Trade screen or shops!




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