About Armadyl

Armadyl, bought to you by a legacy of greatness. Bringing you the nostaltic RS experience while rejuvenating it with all the latest updates. Our server is primarily Pre-EOC, PVM, Economy but we also have much of the content from Old School RuneScape such as many of the new items, Zulrah, Kraken and much more.

Armadyl is 50% community driven, each month we round up all the suggestions from our community and bring them to the game. What makes Armadyl so great is the vast amount of unique content we have and also how well polished the server is. Since Armadyl has been in development and testing for years, not many RSPS can compare to the quality of content that we provide. If you are after a smooth, bug free server with a friendly community and plenty to do you have found it!

We guarentee that you will not find another RuneScape Private Server as enjoyable and well polished as ours. Join the adventure today!

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